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On The Road to Rt. 66 - Amarillo TX to Santa Fe NM

Our Rt. 66 adventure took an artistic turn today!  They say everything is big in Texas, right?  That especially holds true for this larger-than-life art in Amarillo!


Not too far from Amarillo, we hit a milestone in Adrian Texas - the half-way point! Only 1,139 miles to go!

  IMG_8448 IMG_8452









We marked the occasion at The MidPoint Cafe, “Home of the Ugly Pie Crust.” Yes, it was delicious!

  IMG_8454 IMG_2150








A mere 22 miles, and we were entering New Mexico - here’s where the driving got a little hairy!


Once we got on the stretch of Rt. 66 that shared the interstate, the surroundings took on a completely different attitude - serene, majestic, inviting.  This truly is God’s country.


We took the pre-1937 route that brought us into Santa Fe, arriving with enough time to take in a little sight-seeing before dinner.  We visited San Miguel Mission, said to be the oldest standing church in the U.S., built in 1610.  Across the street is the oldest house in Santa Fe (and according to their literature, in the U.S.!), built in 1646.

  IMG_8469 IMG_8471









We walked through town at dusk, and while many of the wonderful shops and boutiques were closed, the park was alive with a summer concert.

  IMG_8483 IMG_8481








Tomorrow we continue to explore Santa Fe, and then on to Albuquerque.  ¡Buenas Noches!


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