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On The Road to Rt. 66 - Tulsa OK to Amarillo TX

For those of you following my adventure along The Great American Highway, preparing for a road trip of your own, a word of advice - however much time you think you’ll need, DOUBLE IT!  Who knew Oklahoma was such a big state?!  Another jam-packed day, logging 380+ miles on the Mother Road.  

Leaving Tulsa there were many reminders that we were in the Oil Capital of The World. The Ozark Trail alignment featured old, rusted oil tanks, symbols of the oil boom prosperity during the hey day of Rt. 66.


We drove through many small towns filled with former gas stations-turned-cafes, shops, or simply tourist attractions along America’s Main Street.  We stopped for lunch in Arcadia Oklahoma at Pop’s - a one-of-a-kind restaurant both inside and out!


It took quite a bit longer than we thought to drive through Oklahoma - we actually veered back on the interstate for a bit to save some time! Closer to the Texas border we tipped our hat to Will Rogers at the landmark plaque dedicating Rt. 66 as Will Rogers Highway.


We took pictures at the state line (are those holes in the sign what I think they are??)


We saw the stunning 1936 art deco design of the U-Drop Inn, in Shamrock TX.  We marveled at the purposely crooked Leaning Tower of Britten, designed to catch a tourist’s eye and get them to stop in Groom TX!  And we, well I, couldn’t pass up another photo op at the first Phillips 66 gas station in Texas in the town of McLean.

  IMG_8433 IMG_8437









Shortly before 9:00 pm we pulled into Amarillo to catch a few zzzzz’s, but first, dinner at The Big Texan Restaurant, home of the Free 72 oz. steak (if you can eat it in an hour!). Imaging their confusion when my daughter and I ordered a 6 oz filet - to share between us!!


Tomorrow - destination Santa Fe NM!



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