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On The Road to Broadway

Sleeping in is a good thing! Our first two days were so full, it felt like a week had gone by!  Our day started with the students' final concert of the trip, at Madison Sculpture Garden on Madison Avenue near 57th.



We had some early afternoon free time after the performance - the boys grabbed some lunch, Sara and I snuck in a litte shopping.  

IMG_4044 IMG_4047










Our next stop - a matinee of "Jersey Boys."  I was so excited to  share this experience with my group, as most hadn't seen it - plus I had scored some pretty sweet seats - 3rd row orchestra!  I don't know if I was over-tired, over-scheduled or just abscent-minded, but I could have sworn the showtime was 3:00 pm. When we showed up at 2:45 and no one was in the lobby, I had a really bad feeling! The show started at 2:00!!  I was SO UPSET with myself, I couldn't hide my disappointment.  The kids, on the other hand, took the high road, and were so kind and appreciative, it just reaffirmed my assessment of how special my group of students was!  Plus, they still LOVED the show (minus the first 45 minutes)!

IMG_9925 IMG_4052






IMG_4053 IMG_4051










Next stop - dinner at Juniors - more yummy New York deli-style cuisine in a fun, sit-down setting.  


Now it was time to get ready for our evening event, La Boehme at the Metropolitan Opera House at Lincoln Center.  The evening had become bitterly cold with wind gusts of up to 50 mph!  I made an executive decision - no walking to the subway that night - we were cabbing it!


The opera was lovely, but I can assure you, with such long, full days, there were many heavy eyelids during the 3 hour performance - mine included!

  IMG_4056 IMG_4064









It didn't take long to fall fully asleep once we got back to the hotel!  


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