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On The Road to Liberty Island

Hard to believe it's our last full day in NYC - the week just flew by!  Making the most of our precious time, we started out on a morning rush hour subway ride (and you thought the CTA was crowded!) to Battery Park.

  IMG_4066 IMG_9929









 From there we would catch the ferry to see the Statue of Liberty.  We had plenty of opportunities to take pictures, as the security lines were long, even with reservations!

  IMG_9936 IMG_9948









The wait to visit Lady Liberty was worth it.  Seeing the magnificent torch, reaching into a clear, blue sky, one could only imagine what thoughts of freedom and opportunity filled the minds of the millions of immigrants as they approached, searching for the "American Dream."   My group of 7 toured the museum, climbed the 215 steps from the lobby to the top of the pedestal, caught our breath and captured breathtaking pictures!

  IMG_9951 IMG_9937









IMG_4097 IMG_9964
















The visit wouldn't have been complete without a stop at Ellis Island.  Although this historic National Monument is open on a limited basis only, due to the extensive damage caused by Hurricane Sandy, it was still worth a visit to see the Great Hall, and look at a nearly one hundred year old ship's registry! An amazing piece of American history.

  IMG_9974 IMG_4109









As tired as we were, we forged on to meet with the entire group of 70 at the top of the Empire State Building!  Marveling in its 'art deco' style from the outside, we delighted in taking magnificent pictures from the observatory.  It was the world's tallest building from 1931 to 1973 - CHICAGO CONNECTION -  guess what building beat it out as the world's tallest in 1974?!

 IMG_9986 IMG_4116










To complete the day we went back to the theatre district for an 8:00 performance of "Pippin" at the Music Box Theatre.



 Too tired to pack that night - we'll deal in the morning!!


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