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On The Road To Uptown

Our first full day in New York began with a quick breakfast and a quick subway ride Uptown for the students' first performance at St. John the Divine.




After the performance we had a few hours of free time. Several of the guys in my group had requested a visit to Nintendo World. They checked out the latest video games, I checked my email!

After that grueling game, it was time for some gruel. You know the saying...when in Rome - so I took them to a Kosher Deli!

1911741_752309814787281_1977491767_n (1)

I felt the need to top off all that pastrami with some chocolate - how convenient, the M & M store was just a few blocks away!

Kids m:m world

Kids m:m

Roz M:M

For dinner, the entire group met at Da Nico Ristorante in Little Italy. A charming place with authentic food in a historic neighborhood.


Me being me I couldn't end the day right then and there - so I took my group to see "Avenue Q." Of course they loved it! Of course with my group consisting of my daughter and 5 teen guys, no surprise there!

Ave Q

Yes, it was a full day and a late night. Yes I was getting them up VERY early the next morning for a big surprise. I guess that's why they call it "The city that doesn't sleep!"


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